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Winner - DHA Open Day for Underrepresented Screenwriters 2018

Semi-finalist - Screencraft TV Pilot Script Competition 2021

Quarter-finalist - WeScreenplay TV Contest 2018

Quarter-finalist - PAGE International Screenwriting Awards 2019

Special Mention - Raindance/Filmarket Hub 1st London TV Pitchbox 2018

Long-listed - Edinburgh TV Festival 2019

Long-listed - Thousand Films Screenwriting Competition 2019

About Emily 

Emily Isaacs is a producer, writer and director originally from the West End, London.


Raised as a successful professional child model and actress, she started training in literature and drama, but ended up studying Music at Trinity College of Music, London. After being a 'cello teacher for fifteen years, a chronic illness caused her to be house and bed bound for five years, so she returned to her first love of literature and drama and completed an English Literature degree, mostly from her bed, still working part-time.


After recovering, she started working full-time again, and in 2017 she joined Drop Dead Films to manage the production of '13 Graves'. In 2018, she was included in the 'Yes She Cannes' awareness campaign for women in film at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2019, she completed a MA in Cultural and Creative Industries at Sussex University, just as '13 Graves' was released.

2020 saw the start of online creative content company, Scriptworks Productions Ltd. In its first year, they created two short films, started a Patreon project, completed two commercial projects, started a podcast, and optioned tv pilot script, Diamond Alice.


She lives in Eastbourne with her husband and two children (both have Autism), and has two older children at college and university.  When she can, she cross-stitches, knits, has been known to spin some fire poi, and bake with the kids. 

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