Free Trial Lessons    

Every student's initial lesson is free. This 45 minute lesson gives you a chance to tell me about your musical experiences so far, so that I can begin to plan your term's lessons. It also gives me an opportunity to show you some of the learning methods we would be using, to give you an idea of how I teach. This enables you to form an informed opinion about my teaching before we start lessons. 

Weekly Lessons

Weekly lessons throughout term time are the standard arrangement for students in order to maximise progression. Lessons are at the same time, every week, and can be for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or an hour, depending on your concentration levels, playing ability and speed of learning. Beginners usually have 30 minutes, Intermediate level students (approx. Grade 3-5) usually have 45 minutes, and Advanced level students (post-Grade 5) usually have an hour.  Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer fortnightly lessons and currently all lessons must take place remotely over video conferencing. Face to face lessons will resume as soon as possible.

Remote Lesson Learning 

With a significant change to the way the lessons work, each lesson will now come with a ten-minute window at the beginning of each lesson to allow for setting up cameras and ensuring that we both have a good connection, and that we can see and hear each other clearly. Where there are technical interferences because of internet speed variability, if a lesson is disrupted by fifteen minutes or more, this time will be made up either after the lesson where possible, or at the following lesson if not. Where the lesson is for a child, there will also be a five minute window at the end of the lesson to allow for parent-teacher communication. 

Therefore - lessons will actually run as follows: 

30 minute lesson - 40 minutes for adults, and 45 minutes for children. 

45 minute lesson - 50 minutes for adults, and 55 minutes for children. 

60 minute lesson - 70 minutes for adults, and 75 minutes for children. 

Instrumental consultations

If you want to start learning, but haven't hired or purchased an instrument yet, I offer free assistance to help the student find the right instrument for them. Currently, this is carried out remotely, but it may be possible to arrange a joint visit to an instrument shop or dealership. 

Concerts and Workshops

While we normally conduct a concert at the end of every term, these are currently under review to see if we can arrange a concert that can be carried out safely, or whether we can arrange a remote concert. More decisions around this will be forthcoming. 

Lesson Arrangements

Lesson bookings must now be made through our online system, and payment must be made at the time of booking using the payment system. As people will now be booking a lesson to occur each week, I would appreciate it if parents and/or students themselves would book all of their lessons for Term 1 at the same time to reserve your spot. The time need not be the same each week, but a lesson must be booked for each week of the term. Once this is done, I will send through an agreement for co-signing and then lessons can commence. Please note that my fee prices run concurrently with Musician's Union rates. The weeks for Term 1 and 2 are below. 

Term 1

Week 1 - Monday 28th September - Sunday 4th October

Week 2 - Monday 5th October - Sunday 11th October

Week 3 - Monday 12th October - Sunday 18th October

Week 4 - Monday 19th October - Sunday 25th October

Mid-Term Break - No Lessons - Monday 26th October - Sunday November 1st


Term 2


Week 1 - Monday 2nd November - Sunday 8th November

Week 2 - Monday 9th November - Sunday 15th November

Week 3 - Monday 16th November - Sunday 22nd November

Week 4 - Monday 23rd November - Sunday 29th November

Week 5 - Monday 30th November - Sunday 6th November

Week 6 - Monday 7th December - Sunday 13th December

Week 7 - Monday 14th December - Sunday 20th December




Lessons can still be paid for singularly, but they must be paid for at the time of booking through the online system. Do please contact me if you have any problems with this. 

If you would like me to order music for you, payment can be made through direct transfer before ordering. This offers a 10% educational discount on orders over a certain amount. Alternatively, you are of course welcome to order things yourself which may result in a quicker delivery. 


Exam fees must be paid for before sending in the examination entry, which is usually at the beginning of the term the exam is due to take place in.


Concerts are currently free for students and audience, but a donation towards the cost of the hall and refreshments is gratefully accepted.


Reviews from past students

"I have been taught by Emily for over ten years and so have experienced being taught as a nine year old when Em made the lessons so fun, to being taught as a nineteen year old where although we were taking it all more seriously, there was still time for fun. She is an inspirational teacher and makes you really want to practise and improve. I have learnt so much from Em, both musically and personally as she is such a friendly and optimistic person. The lessons are always upbeat and her enthusiasm is infectious. Em knows how to push you to achieve your best without being pushy!" Iona M.

"I find Emily a very patient and understanding teacher, very good at explaining theory and is happy to repeat again, until I do understand. I enjoy my Cello lessons very much because Emily is very friendly and she makes my lessons fun." Georgia M.

email: emilyisaacscello@gmail.com

Tel: +44 (0) 7793 559 152


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